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James Lee Burns' birthday

James L Burns - June 18, 1898

Our Tribal Chief was born on this day in June 18, 1898. And he transitioned ✝ well into the 20th Century in May 1988.

Imagine all the things going on during his lifetime. Two World Wars, the Spanish-American War, Korean War, Vietnam War, the Cold War (and he just missed the conclusion), Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of two US Presidents, the Great Depression, the Civil Rights Movement, the Jim Crow South, men landing on the moon, I could go on.

Here's his one connection to the 2nd World War. As you may recall his two older brothers Turner and Will had served in the 1st World War, however, James himself never served in the military. However, he still at 43 years of age had to register for the draft during that very awful global conflict.

It's amazing what is found online when you're looking for information on your ancestors