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Our Tribal Chief - In Memorium

 On April 27, 1988, James Lee Burns - father, grandfather, great grandfather, & great-great grandfather -  made his transition ✝ from this earthly life. His funeral was held on May 1, 1988 at Wanderer's Home MB Church in Mound Bayou, Mississippi located near the Bolivar & Sunflower County Line. He was also buried on the church's grounds.

Our tribal chief with his great-grand daughter

Not too long after his funeral we went to the property he owned with his departed wife Emma Hunter Burns. The house was long gone at that point so it was a vacant lot. Thankfully that plot of land remains in the possession of his descendants.

Below was his obituary from his May 1, 1988 funeral and once you take a quick read, I will share further thoughts.

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It's funny how much an ancestor and my own life intersect that is we were living at about the same time though in my case I was nothing but a pup. And even more interesting is when a great-grandparent meets their great-grandson or granddaughter.

The only time I recall meeting him was in 1987, one year before his transition. I do remember being in a house in Mound Bayou, MISS - was told recently this was the home of his oldest daughter our tribal griot Lee Alice Travis. My vague memories were of a very diminutive man sitting in an easy chair. 

I'm not sure if anyone introduced me to him, however, I knew that was my great-grandfather.

As it relates to what we've been talking about on this blog for the most part my questions go towards if anyone from his extended family had attended his services? Any of his nieces and nephews attend? Any cousins? 

I know his own family (descendants) weres there to attend, of course. However these are things since embarking on this journey leaves me very curious? Probably a little overwhelming for my then young brain at the time.

If you have any memories of his services in Mound Bayou, MISS you're free to shoot me an e-mail to share. 

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