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Mama Aggie

Aggie Andrews 1868? - Unknown My great-great grandmother Ms. Aggie Andrews Burns Farrow has proven to be very mysterious, in the post regarding Aunt Bessie Lewis Butler it was noted that she may well have had at least 18 children. We just recently discovered Arthur Burns and I believe that Mama Aggie was pregnant with Uncle Arthur when she was living with the Rashens (or Rathers) in the 1900 US Census possibly on a plantation in rural Hinds County, Mississippi. It's generally agreed that she in fact hailed from Hinds County even if she did on occasion move around. The first hit on Mama Aggie was in the 1870 US Census living with Surner (probably Turner), Maria, and Abram in Hinds County, MISS. I can presume that Turner and Maria are the parents of Aggie & Abram, however, in 1870 they didn't exactly specify the relationships this group had. Aggie was listed as being aged 1 which leads credence that she was born in 1868. Also I tried to look up Turner or Surner (Ancestry.

Introducing Bessie Lewis Butler

I mentioned Bessie in a listing of James Lee Burns' brothers and sisters some time ago. Now we get to see what she looks like. Bessie Butler (1888-1982) I listed Bessie Lewis Butler as possibly James' oldest sister. She was born on October 31, 1888 possibly in Learnith (Learned), Mississippi. She died in September 1982. While I do declare her his oldest sister, it's not exactly known where she might sit as far as who's the oldest or who's the youngest brother or sister in that family. In family materials it is said that Aggie Andrews who is her mother may have had as many as 18 children and we've recently uncovered an unknown child in Arthur Burns. Aunt Bessie eventually found her way to Alligator, MISS where she died in September 1982. One of her known to us children was a man named Hosie (Hosea) Butler who himself moved to Memphis, Tennessee.  EDITOR'S NOTE (April 16, 2024) : Until running into Hosie 's obituary sometime last year, in our family hist

Introducing Arthur Burns

Arthur Burns 1900-1979 Arthur Burns born September 4, 1900 was discovered last year through the obituary of his brother Will Burns - as seen in the previous post - to be an unknown to us brother of the "tribal chief" James Lee Burns. This was Arthur's obituary published in the November 23, 1979 edition of the Hattiesburg American newspaper. No mention of a widow though a mention of three daughters Arthurine Myles & Katherine Wilson who resided in Richmond, CALIF and Lind Nell Davis of Pascagoula, MISS and two sons James Arthur Cropper of Jackson, MISS (back to Hinds County) and Arthur L. Banks of Hattiesburg, MISS. BTW, Arthur L. Banks died in 2004 . At the time of his transition in Nov. 1979 he had one surviving sister Bessie Butler of Alligator, MISS and one surviving brother James Lee Burns of Mound Bayou, MISS. He had six grandchildren and one great-grandchild in addition to several nieces and nephews. It has been said by quite a few elders - primarily the chil