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Tribal Affairs

What I'm looking for in general is pictures primarily of any ancestors whom we didn't know there were any pictures. For example thanks to the family of Bessie Butler, we have a picture of her. Though if there is a request, privacy will be respected.

You can use the below e-mail address to share pictures or just to connect with this blog for any reason.

Again, privacy will be respected and the people I'll primarily identify are those who have already transitioned 

As far as other tribal affairs, these three people were very instrumental in sharing information about our Tribal Chief James Lee Burns' family and this blog is considered an extension of the information they were wise enough to share.

Our Tribal Griot - Lee Alice Burns Travis (1919-1998) ✝

Our Tribal Matriarch - Lucyrene Burns Robinson (1927-2020) ✝

Our Tribal Historian, "emeritus" (since 1989) - Lois B. Jenkins

Our tribal historian will also be around to fact check information on this blog as long as she's able.

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