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Family History

These two pages are information  from our Tribal Griot Lee Alice Burns Travis and our Tribal Matriarch Lucyrene Burns Robinson that was first recorded by our Tribal Historian in 1989. The last update was from 2010 and the two pages of our Tribal Chief's family are shown in screencaps below.

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What has been found to date about James Lee Burns' brothers & sisters

  • Bessie [Photo available] - October 31, 1888 to September 1982 per Social Security records and her obituary. She's possibly James' oldest sister. Records shows her possible maiden name as Lewis. She died Sept 1982 in Alligator, MISS and one known child was Hosie (Hosea) Butler. Also in her obituary she was listed as being born in Learnith, actually Learned, MISS which is also located in Hinds County. 
  • James Etta - October 13, 1890 to April 14, 1963 per Social Security records that show her possible maiden name as Smith. She's also referred to as Jeanette Brown. She's known as the mother of gospel singer Cornelius Brown - performed with the group The True Believers - who died in 1990. She migrated to Chicago; passed away there in 1963.
  • Hattie - Birthdate and date of death unknown. Per Hattie’s niece, Tribal Matriarch, Lucyrene Robinson, (James & Emma's daughter); Hattie was seen in Chicago at the funeral of her nephew Cornelius Brown in 1990. She was said to have lived in California.
  • Turner - April 30, 1894 to November 27, 1951 per Social Security & US Army records
  • Will - May 1, 1896 to May 1975 per draft registration card and US Army records
  • Arthur - September 4, 1900 to November 20, 1979; never before mentioned by Alice and Lucy. Read more about him here.
  • Robert [Farrow] - Birthdate & date of death unknown; (per the 1920 US Census) was listed as age 14 and living with his mother Aggie & James Farrow (Fairrow) in Hinds County, MISS. He was born in about 1906
  • Mancy - Birthdate and date of death unknown. She died at about 18-years-old (per the Tribal Griot).
  • Emma - Birthdate & date of death unknown

In the foreseeable future, I plan to make the Hunter/Burns family history available for download online for those who are interested in further research of their side of the family

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