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James Lee Burns' brothers and sisters

I owe you all a post from last week. Hopefully you all had a very Merry Xmas and onto New Years. My goal wasn't to do this post so soon, however, this post was all ready to go so time to share it. Let's get to it! 

Many of names you will see here were mentioned by the children of James Lee Burns and Emma Lee Hunter. And some of them have obituaries or even social security or military records attached which shows their birthdate and the date of death.

  • Mancy - Birthdate and date of death unknown. She died at about 18-years-old.
  • Turner - Apr. 30, 1894 to Nov. 27, 1951 per Social Security & US Army records
  • Will - May 1, 1896 to May 1975 per draft registration card and obituary seen below
  • Robert - was shown at 14-years-old living with Aggie & James Fairrow (Farrow) in Hinds County, MISS in the 1920 US Census 
  • Emma - birthdate & date of death unknown
  • Hattie - birthdate and date of death unknown. Was said to be seen by her niece (Lucyrene Robinson - one of James & Emma's daughters) in Chicago at the funeral for her nephew Cornelius Brown possibly in 1990 
  • James Etta - Social security records show her possible maiden name as Smith. She is the mother of the aforementioned Cornelius Brown a Chicago-area gospel music performer who died in 1990. Various US Census records her being born in either 1890 or 1895. Date of death unknown.
  • Bessie Butler - social security lists her birthdate as Oct 31, 1888 and possibly James' oldest sister. Records such as marriage records or death records or even social security shows her possible maiden name as Lewis. She died Sept 1982 in Alligator, MISS and one known child was Hosea (Hosie) Butler. Also she was listed as being born in Learnith, MISS it's possible that it's actually Learned, MISS which is also located in Hinds County. Obituary below! 
Learned right in the southwest of Hinds Co.

Below are obituaries. Click images for a larger resolution.

Bessie Butler - This obituary was published in The Clarksdale Press Register on Friday, September 17, 1982. 

Will Burns - published in the Hattiesburg American on May 7, 1975. Please pay special attention to the last paragraph and note that there is name here not included in the above bulleted list

I think we know what the next update will be about! 👀

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