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James Burns - 1900 US Census

James Burns was possibly living with the Rashen family in Hinds County, MISS - think Jackson, MISS which is the county seat there. He was there with his mother Aggie (Andrews) Burns and his older brothers Turner and William which is spelled Willima here.

For some reason Ancestry wants to make Louis Rashen and Bessie Rashen the parents of Turner, James and Will probably due to the fact that one-year-old James and his family was living with the white Rashens (or Rathers). Louis Rashen was listed as the head of the household. Mr. Rashen is on the record with Bessie his wife and their three sons with presumably his mother Allie, and presumably his sister Argent E Cottingham. Then a Black servant Dan Franklin.

And then baby James with his mother Aggie and two older brothers.

The entire entry in the 1900 US Census is below. You see what I talk about with regards to the Rashens and note the number in the left hand columns. It's possibly two different housing units, however, you see Aggie Burns with her own numbers. Yet she's not listed as head of household she's listed only as mother.

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As I find with these census reports often there are inaccuracies which could be due to the census enumerator or perhaps the people being recorded aren't always giving exactly accurate information on their own. With this said, it's correct that James Burns was born in June 1898.

Turner Burns was born on April 30, 1894 per this application for a military veteran headstone filed sometime after his death in November 1951.

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Will Burns per a draft registration card from between 1917 to 1918 he was born on May 1, 1896
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Now the next question to ask is where's daddy, Willie Burns?

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